Panama is the main logistics center in Latin America. Due to its geographical position and its service economy, it is the most important transit country for merchandise in Latin America. The main multinational companies manage their businesses and carry out their regional operations from Panama, maintaining active competition in the local and regional markets. We live in a globalized economy, fast and constantly changing. Corporations need specialized, up-to-date, focused and curious lawyers to understand their business.

MORAN IP is the first boutique firm of Intellectual Property lawyers in Panama. With 20 years of experience, and lawyers specialized in providing adequate advise for the due protection of Industrial Property Rights and Copyright. We not only provide advice on how to protect your rights, but we know how to defend them with a team of litigation attorneys, with a clear understanding of the Law. With a well-known expertise and international recognition in brand protection and anti-counterfeiting matters in Panama and Latin America. That’s why our strength and ability is to think outside the box and adapt to market changes. We are partners of our clients to provide solutions to their legal challenges because we build strong and trusted relationships.

We understand the IP business, and do what is necessary for an effective protection of your brands and creative works cost-effectively.

We believe in brands. We keep IP simple.

We are MORAN IP.

We believe in brands… The reason we invest in technology for our brands

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